Who’s who

If you would like to discuss any issues relating to your learning, please make an appointment with one of the VTS Programme Directors. The VTS Team are only in the office on Tuesdays.

Please contact us by emailing fhft.windsorvts@nhs.net.

VTS Team

Dr Shareen Hallas Associate Dean fhft.windsorvts@nhs.net
Dr Barbara Alberts VTS Programme Director fhft.windsorvts@nhs.net
Dr Sufian Jabbar VTS Programme Director fhft.windsorvts@nhs.net
Dr Zukhruf Naji VTS Programme Director fhft.windsorvts@nhs.net
Harjeet Saundh VTS Administrator 03006 151338

VTS Education Tutors

Dr Francoise Ticehurst A & E 03006 154011
Miss Sumita Nayak Obstetrics & Gynaecology 03006 153377
Dr Emma Fitzsimons Paediatrics emma.fitzsimons@nhs.net
Dr David McDonald Psychiatry 01753 634209
Dr Ritu Varma Sexual Health 01753 635320
Mr Roland Hettige ENT 03006 153090
Dr Harish Patel General Medicine 0300 6153881
Dr Ramesh Ramasundaram Anaesthetics/ICM (r.ramasundaram@nhs.net) 0300 6153195
Ms Gisella Salerno Surgery (gisella.salerno@nhs.net 0300 613972
Mr Jas Kalsi Urology (jas.kalsi@nhs.net) 03006 151054
Asef Al-Ani Orthopaedics a.al-ani@nhs.net

Rota Co-ordinators

Naheed Jadoon Emergency Medicine (naheed.jadoon@nhs.net) 0300 6152997
Magdolna Upton General Medicine (magdolna.upton@nhs.net) 0300 6154675
Steve Tapp Anaesthetics (steven.tapp@nhs.net) 0300 6153195
Heena Mahomed OMF Surgery and ENT (heena.mahomed@nhs.net) 0300 6151056
Harman Sukhnain General Surgery/Urology (tammy.byrne@nhs.net) 07771873015
Ruth Jowers Orthopaedics (ruth.jowers@nhs.net) 0300 6157080 07846-392375
Sejal Patel Paediatrics (wphshrota@gmail.com) 03006 154603
Jackie Smith Psychiatry (jackie.smith@berkshire.nhs.uk) 0118 960 5163
Ritu Varma Sexual Health (ritu.varma@berkshire.nhs.uk) 01753 635320/18
Alison Ward Hospice (alison.ward@thameshospice.org.uk) 01753 848961
Anne Deans Obs & Gynae (anne.deans@nhs.net)
Kelly Spearing Plastic Surgery (kelly.spearing@nhs.net)

Oxford GP Deanery

Andrea Csanyine Lorincz Lead Employer issues, GP Recruitment, I&R Scheme and trainee courses england.gpadmin.tv@nhs.net
Carolyn Puliti Picchi Trainer approvals, Educator courses and Faculty day (england.gpadmin.tv@nhs.net) 01865 785580
GP Trainee Study Leave Trainee study leave queries england.gpstudy.tv@nhs.net