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Crosby HouseCrosby House is proud to be the oldest practice in Slough, previously run from a small house, modernised and expanded in 1991, with an additional extension in 2004. We care for 11,500 patients under a GMS contract between 2 full time partners and 5 salaried doctors, along with 2 practice nurses and 15 other valuable staff supporting our work. We have a mixed white/ethnic urban population in Central Slough with high disease prevalence. We are a busy practice with plentiful work and excellent opportunities for GP Registrars to learn across the breadth of general practice. We pride ourselves in giving the best care to our patients. Our aim is to nurture the GP Registrars and allow them to flourish into the best GP’s they can be. In order to get there we expect the Registrar to work hard; however the Registrar’s time for learning is both respected and protected.

We run all the usual diabetes, asthma, hypertension, minor surgery, smoking cessation clinics, and our Quality & Outcomes Framework points are consistently amongst the highest in the UK. The doctors and staff have an open door policy and we continually learn/bounce ideas of each other; we hope to learn from the GP Registrar as well, not just the other way round. The various doctors and nurses have different special interests which we hope will make GP Training at Crosby House extra special. Amongst the partners, these include diabetes, gold standards framework for cancer services, minor operations, steroid injections, dermatology, LMC and PCT related work.

Dr Gurdip Hear and Dr Mike Hoskin

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